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Hello everyone,


I just want to stay in contact with everyone and make sure that everyone is staying home and staying safe. This is the only way to beat this terrible virus.


As you know, we are not seeing patients at this time, but we are gearing up with full PPE protection including surgical masks, gowns and face shields to protect all of our patients when we do return. We will continue to keep you informed as to when we will re-open the office.


As many of you know, half of my practice is devoted to treating sleep disordered breathing and sleep apnea. This is very serious and can lead to diabetes, atrial fib, snoring, snorting and long period of time when you stop breathing at night. You can potentially die in your sleep from these issues. Most of our sleep apnea patients are referred to me to be treated but for my dental patients, this is a good time for self assessment. Do you or your partner snore or stop breathing at night? Do you fall asleep easily during the day or even while you are driving?


I have arranged with a board certified sleep specialist to do a Telemedicine video chat via computer to do a consultation. He said he could also order a sleep test, if needed, and the equipment would be delivered to your door with instructions on how to use it. Then you would mail it back and he would interpret the results. According to him, almost all medical plans will cover this. If you are interested, please email me at and I will get you in touch with him. During this time, it is vitally important to stay as healthy as possible. We are all stuck at home. We never seem to have time for taking care of ourselves. This is something that takes no time. You have to sleep anyway. If you have the slightest concern about your sleep, do it. Stay safe.


Dr Gershberg, Patti and Demetrius