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Snoring and Sleep Apnea Treatment in the Philadelphia Area, as well as Delaware and New Jersey

Oral appliance sleep apnea therapy is an excellent alternative to CPAP treatment. We can fit you for a custom intraoral appliance that will reposition the jaw and soft tissues to make breathing easier.

Main Line Snoring Solutions offers a variety of appliances for sleep apnea treatment and will select yours based on whether your case is mild, moderate, or severe, as well as the size of your oral structures and position of your jaw.

Individualized attention is essential when treating sleep apnea, and at Main Line Snoring Solutions near Philadelphia, you’ll Couple_snoring_problemsdiscover that personalized service throughout your experience.

We use many different oral appliances and since every patient is different, We will select the correct oral device for the individual patient’s needs.

Our Oral Appliances

Some devices bring the jaw forward (these are called mandibular repositioning devices) and help keep the tongue in the right position to prevent airway collapse.

This can also help prevent the palate vibration that causes loud snoring. Other appliances are designed to improve the volume of the airway to prevent collapse.

The appliances listed above are just a few of the options; Our doctors keep up with all of the latest in CPAP alternative treatments to make sure that we can find just the right fit for your care.

Discovering Relief For Your Loved Ones

If you or your bed partner snores, an intraoral snore guard can eliminate the problem. Loud snoring has actually caused married couples to sleep in separate bedrooms, but you can eradicate this annoying and disruptive problem with a visit to our Main Line office for snoring treatment with an intraoral device.

Once you’ve received a positive diagnosis of sleep apnea, Main Line Snoring Solutions can help you find the right oral appliance for your treatment.

You can sleep easily, knowing that you’ve taken this positive step for your health and wellbeing; plus, you’ll be amazed at how much better you feel when you’re properly rested.

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Remember: sleep apnea is very serious, and it can even increase your risk of an early death. If you’re experiencing the signs and symptoms of sleep apnea,  contact Main Line Snoring Solutions at (610) 527-6704 in the Philadelphia area on the Main Line.